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Baron Bryan vom Harro's Berg

Baron Bryan vom Harro's Berg

 Registered Name:
Baron Bryan vom Harro's Berg
 Breeder: G.R. Tjong
 Sire: Baron Cecar v. Rensloo
 Dam: Vitesse v. Franckenhorst
 Working Titles: IPO3, SchH3
 Sex: male
 Date of Birth: 27 MAY 1985
 Date of Death: 1996
 Land of Birth: Netherlands
 Land of Standing:
 Colour: Black
 Health Tests: HD-1
 Conform. Titles: WW ´90, Int. CH
 Known Offspring:
 Registration Nr.:
NHSB 1419756
 Notes: ############## This black male was bred in Holland. The German judge H. Wiblishauser wrote: "A very big male with a good topline, correct tailset and a deep chest. A powerful neck, wich could be a little bit longer. The head is correct with parallel planes. The eyes are dark, the tan is dark, good detition, the movement is correct". This male is the most or one of the most successful showdogs in Dobermann history. In the ring he is hard to beat. Baron Bryan won many titles. He won twice the IDC title (198 and 1989). He became Bundessieger, Europa Sieger and D.V. Sieger. Baron Bryan won the World Winner title in 1990. He was best of breed in 1987 at the Dutch Dobermann Champion Show and won twice the French Dobermann Champion Show in 1988 and 1989. He became Dutch, German, Belguim, French, Austrian, Luxembuourgh and International Champion. He almost achieved everything. Although he failed at the Korung, his character is excellent. He passed his IPO III several times with excellent scores. As a sire it will become very difficult to fulfil the high expectations concerning his hereditary power based on his extra ordinary succes in the showring. He has sired excellent offspring.
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