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Chico v. Forell

Chico v. Forell

 Registered Name:
Chico v. Forell
 Breeder: Ernst Wilking
 Kennel: v. Forell
 Sire: Odin v. Forell
 Dam: Cita Germania
 Working Titles:
 Sex: male
 Date of Birth: 1 JUL 1968
 Date of Death: 1978
 Land of Birth: Germany
 Land of Standing: Germany
 Size: 70 cm (27.56 inch)
 Colour: Black
 Health Tests:
 Conform. Titles: Ch. D, DV-Sg., Bundes-Sg.
 Known Offspring:
 Registration Nr.:
DZB 81130
died from DCM (unconfirmed); Chico passed on many good points to his progeny. He had a wide, deep chest, correct topline and tailset. He had a nice blunt wedge type head rather roman-nosed with a strong muzzle and excellent front angulation, his rear ang. could have been better. He was a dog with nobility. For a working dog he had the wrong sort of temperament. According to Mr. Vogel Chico lacked fighting spirit and the will to work. He never gained a working certificate.
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