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Ali v. Langenhorst

picture of dog
 Registered Name: Ali v. Langenhorst
 Breeder: S. Kruger
 Owner: K.H. Vohl
 Kennel: von Langenhorst
 Sire: Guy's Hilo v. Norden Stamm
 Dam: Biene v. Niederkassel
 Working Titles: IPO 3, SchH 3
 Sex: male
 Date of Birth: 29 OCT 1977
 Date of Death: 1990
 Land of Birth: Germany
 Land of Standing: Germany
 Size: 71 cm (27.95 inch)
 Colour: Black
 Health Tests: HD-B, 13 years
 Conformation Titles: CH DV, World wr.
 Known Offspring:
 Registration Nr.: DZB 89464
This big black male (71 cm.) is from German breeding. At the Worldwinner Show in Dortmund, judge Wiblishauser wrote: a 3 1/2 year old male with a good build and substance. He has the right size. The topline and tailset are correct. He stands right on his feet, good angulation, good hesd with paralel planes and strong bones. The markings are dark enough, eyes are middle brown, the chest markings are not so clear. In the front movement the legs are turning out". In character he is outstanding. He is a courageous, hard dog with very high fighting and protecting spirit. He passed Schutzhund III several times with 100 points for his manwork. At the "Körung" he got 1A for life. In 1982 he became Bundessieger, in 1984, Europasieger and DV Sieger in 1983. He has his German Champion title as well his International title.
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