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Tilly v. Grönland (Lord x Schnuppine)

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 Registered Name: Tilly v. Grönland (Lord x Schnuppine)
 Sire: Lord v. Dennstedt
 Dam: Schnuppine (v. Dennstedt)
 Working Titles:
 Sex: female
 Date of Birth:
 Date of Death:
 Land of Birth:
 Land of Standing:
 Health Tests:
 Conformation Titles:
 Known Offspring:
Elly (not reg.)
Tilly v. Grönland (Lord x Schnuppine)Lord v. Dennstedt     Add Dog...          
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Schnuppine (v. Dennstedt)Prinz Matzi v. GrönlandBosco     Add Dog...
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Cäsi     Add Dog...
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